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Welcome to Mothers Choice

Leading supplier of best quality meats at affordable prices

Mothers Choice is a premier processing and sales outlet for grown fresh meats (beef, chicken, lamb, quails, goat, pork) and cold meats (Polonies, Viennas, smoked meat products).

Our Vision
To be a leading supplier of best quality meats at affordable prices.

Our Mission
Optimizing resources in an honest, ethical way to ensure customer satisfaction through excellent services and excellent products whilst contributing and being kind to environment.

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Best fit services for your business, occasion, family, office or institution.


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A Dedicated Team

A dedicated and hard working team to deliver you quality meat and products in time and and affordable.

Comprised most of youth with 60% ladies; giving them a platform to showcase their skills, gain experience and exposure to the world of employment as well as entrepreneurship.

Peggy Joy
Co-founder & Managing Director
Co-founder & Technical director

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You have never tasted a sausage until you have tasted ours. Try our chicken,beef and pork sausages today and you will be back for more every time!!

We all love some delicious grilled meat. Here are some tips on how to get that perfect grill:

1. Preheat properly:Just like an oven,you should preheat (let the fire be on). Get the fire going for about 10-15 mins before placing food on the grill.

2. Bacteria: Refrigerate leftover grilled ...meat as soon as possible. Leaving leftover out for more than an hour may make them unsafe to eat.

3. Germ buster: Don't reuse a plate that had held raw meat until it has been washed. You can contaminate other foods with dangerous bacteria.

4. Bigger means longer: When cooking a larger cut of meat, cook it slowly at a lower heat. This will result in a more tender and juicy meat.

5. Chicken thighs:Chickens thighs are one of the best grill choices. They have a stronger chicken flavor than breast pieces and can withstand the heat of the grill.







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What our customers say!

Emma Katengeza

Motherschoice has been my favourite eating spot for the past three years. Their services and offerings keep getting better


Pilirani Kumasewera

Everytime I am passing by Gulliver I feel the urge to stop and get a bite of the tasty foods which Motherschoice offers.


Victoria Mwafulirwa

Apart from the delicious food, I always enjoy their excellent customer care.

Managing Director - Homes Industries

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P O Box 1176
Lilongwe, Malawi
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