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When we provide women and youth with job opportunities, they rise up to become a powerful force for change in their families, communities and nations. This causes a positive ripple effect: Employment empowers young women to delay marriage and attain the skills, knowledge and finances needed to contribute to economic development. Helping women achieve their full potential is the path to breaking the cycle of poverty.

With that in mind, Mothers Choice employs about 60 percent females.in their expansion plans, they are looking at employing 100 more staff, of which 60 will be females and youth as well. The effect this will have in Malawi as a country, the jobs that will be created, will go hand in hand with Governments intention to create more jobs and Mothers Choice want to fulfil that mandate and see the many lives that will be uplifted.

Furthermore, according to the World Bank's 2012 World Development Report: Gender Equality and Development, closing these gender gaps matters for development and policymaking. Greater gender equality can enhance economic productivity, hence as Mothers Choice we are emphasizing on our employment policy that 60% of our work force will be women and youth.

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