About Mothers Choice

Mothers Choice is a center for meat processing, butchery and a restaurant which is a unique point selling for meals, braai, soft drinks and ice blocks. We also supply for large orders and offer outside catering services.

Our products range from pork, local chickens and meat such as beef and goat. This also include the processing of sausages


Hygienic and Healthy


Easy to Cook

Within s few minutes you are done


Farm Fresh Meats

Tender and fresh from the farm


Halal Certified

Our Mission

Optimising resources in an honest, ethical way to ensure customer satisfaction through excellent services and excellent products whilst contributing and being kind to environment.

Our Vision

To be a leading supplier of best quality meats at affordable prices.

What we do

Direct Sales, Third-party retailers, Mothers Choice Shopfront @49, Flea Markets, Sampling, Past relationships, Social Media, Marketing Team.

Certificates & Awards

what we achive and what we deliver
Gulliver - Area 49
Old Gulliver Stage
Bottle stores line, Shop No. 4

P O Box 1176
Lilongwe, Malawi
+265 999 859 353
+265 888 859 353

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